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Live Wire Ref. by Cerulean-Sky-Stables Live Wire Ref. by Cerulean-Sky-Stables
Name: Live Wire
Nickname: "Wired"
Gender: Lupa
Breed: Schreitier (Type 1)
Age: Forty-two (42) years
Height: 14.0 hh
Discipline: Eventing, Endurance
Color: Bay
Genetics: Ee/Aa
~ Dorsal stripe
~ Star
~ Socks
~ Stockings
Passible Traits:
~ Unknown
Sire/Dam: Unknown X Unknown
Bloodlines: Starter
~ None
Personality: Wired is probably the best fitting name for this girl. Even though the Schrei are known to be high energy, this one seems to have more than is believed to be possible for any living creature. She loves to chase her pack mates around and ambush them when they are least expecting it. She has a tendency to annoy the other members of the pack, who will make certain to put her in her place. Of course, she will back down for awhile before she starts her energetic run once more. Due to her high energy, she requires a lot of food to sustain her, as well as a lot of things to do. It does not help at all that she is a problem solver and can usually find her way over an obstacle, be it physically or mentally. She is very shy towards new humans and is prone to biting strangers. She is also very protective of her leader and owner and has a tendency to get "jealous"; any time another pack mate is getting more attention than she is, Wired will start a fight over it.
History: Imported from Dark-Fantasy-Farms; TBA
- Owned & boarded by Kit</sup>

Breeding Status: Open only to Schrei

Character (C) Amber N. Bolin
Breed (C) *Dark-FaNtAsY-Farms
Head lineart (C) ~shy-fox
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April 9, 2012
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