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September 23, 2012
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PS Song Dog by Cerulean-Sky-Stables PS Song Dog by Cerulean-Sky-Stables
Amanda stared at the three printed ads sitting in front of her; a black Arabian gelding with a great temperament but a bit on the shorter side, a bay dun Mustang gelding that had been part of the round up a few years back, now gentled and rideable, and a chestnut half-Arab mare who was quite compliant but lacked essential training. Having tried all three of them, she felt they were all great horses, but they all lacked something essential. She sat back in her chair with a quiet sigh and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Maybe she was trying to hard to find the perfect match...maybe she was being too picky. Either way, she'd been trying to decide between the three of them for about a week and she was almost certain that whichever one she picked today would already have sold in the time she had taken to think it through. She ran through the pros and cons of the three horses but still felt all three were inadequate. Where was that spark in their eyes? Where was the thrill of being turned loose? Where was their desire to gallop endlessly?

Deciding she'd had enough for the time being, Amanda stacked the papers together and placed them to the side of her desk before she stood up. Hearing her movement, both Sigurd and Neptum raised their heads to watch their owner. Amanda stood there, thinking to herself for a time before a thought crossed her mind. She called the two German Shepherds to her side and, before long, was well on her way to the local tack store, where the dogs were as fondly greeted as their owner. Amanda asked for the shop owner and, as the staff member went to go find her, Amanda turned her attention to the saddles stacked up behind her. Most of them were all purpose saddles, a few dressage and jumping saddles were mixed into the bunch. Before she could really start browsing through the saddles, the shop owner appeared. In her usual fashion, Regena gave both dogs a biscuit before she turned to Amanda; they talked to each other about the weather, upcoming shows, and the latest equine news about the area, leading Amanda to ask Regena about any horses for sale in the area.

"I did hear that Jacob is selling that new horse he bought a few weeks ago. Really unfortunate, too; that is one gorgeous horse." Regena gave her the address to the place and continued talking a little more before a customer came in looking for a new saddle. Amanda was tailed by her two dogs as they followed her to make a phone call to Jacob about the horse. Much to her surprise, he answered and was more than welcome to show her the horse today.

From the saddle shop, the drive took almost a half-hour away to get to the outskirts of a small town. Amanda parked her car and left the two dogs inside, much to their dismay of not being able to follow along. Jacob greeted her warmly and lead her to the pasture where the horse was kept. "In all honesty, I've never had this much trouble training any horse," he warned her. And Amanda could see why; he gallivanted about the pasture, kicking and lashing out as he went. "He refuses everything; he doesn't like to be kept with other horses, he kicks whenever he can, and he's the only horse I've known to be so vocal."

Amanda looked back at Jacob, "You're very honest for someone trying to sell their horse."

He smiled, "I'd rather be honest than have a lawsuit against me when the horse almost kills them."

Well, at least he's honest, Amanda thought to herself as she turned back to watch the stallion. As she watched him take a sharp turn around a corner of the pasture, she realized that the spark was there in his eyes. Boundless energy and a need to prove himself, she realized this stallion as the one she needed. She turned to Jacob, questioning her own sanity, "How much do you want for him?"

PS Song Dog

    Flaxen Liver Chestnut Sabino/Overo Quarter Horse Stallion

Registered Name: PS Song Dog
Barn Name: Song
Bloodline: PS Coyote Killer
Breed: American Quarter Horse
Gender: Stallion
Height: 16.3hh
Weight: 1652lbs
Age: One (1) year
Eyes: Blue

    Endurance Trail English (Basics) Western (Basics)

Body: Stock
Type: Wild
Temperment: 7 - Ornery
Health: 10 - Excellent Condition
Vice: Kicker, Vocal
Quirk: Prefers solitary to other horses; only obeys Amanda
Purchase Price: Full body image
Net Worth: $5000


Genetics: ee/Aa/nO/nSb/ff
    Agouti - 25%+ chance depending on mare Overo - 25%+ chance depending on mare Sabino - 25%+ chance depending on mare Flaxen - 25% chance depending on mare

Restrictions: Quarter Horses only; may consider crossing to accomplished mares.
Status: CLOSED - needs to be proven before breeding

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Personality: Song Dog is full of fiery spirit with seemingly limitless energy; had he been left with the herd, he would have been an excellent lead stallion. He seems to have no intention of slowing his pace anytime soon; he seems to enjoy getting a kick out of being a problem horse for every person he comes across, until the reins are given to the one person he sees as his leader: Amanda. Even with a more dominant character than Amanda, he will fight and he will fight hard but, as soon as he comes into contact with Amanda, he becomes very docile and obedient. There is rarely a struggle between the two of them and, when there is, its never anything dramatic. Their bond is incredibly strong even though there is no magic involved between them. It is to the point that if Song Dog is hurt or in trouble, he will simply turn to Amanda to help fix the problem. Song Dog prefers to be kept alone rather than with horses; he will chase off lower ranking horses and will not hesitate to fight other stallions. Strangely, Song Dog does not mind the company of dogs and has made a good friend with Sigurd and Neptum, even the dogs at Cerulean Sky Stables. Amanda has encouraged people to offer him peppermints to get on his better side, but it seems that people are more afraid of getting their hand bitten off than getting on good terms with him.

History: Song Dog's story begins with his sire, who ran with the Paige Stud's Golden Valley free roaming herd of Quarter Horses deemed Coyote Killer. Before Coyote Killer was captured, it seems that had bred to a mare, bringing about a colt that looks almost exactly like him. During their round up, Song Dog Was spotted amongst the herd and was instantly believed to be a colt of Coyote Killer's. Feisty and stubborn as his sire, Song Dog led both horse and rider on a long and dangerous run before he was captured. From there, he transported to North Carolina to be checked out by a vet and to learn to accept haltering and leading.

In March, he was placed in an auction at Paige Stud with five other horses that had experienced his journey. Song Dog was the last to be sold and, unfortunately, there were not many takers. The only bidder was Jacob Johnson, who wanted to keep the stallion for a western show horse. Song Dog was then transported to Jacob's home in Kouts, Indiana, where attempts at training him were proving to be far more difficult than he could handle. In the end, Jacob decided to sell the stallion and found a new owner in less than a week. Amanda had him transported and now boards him at Cerulean Sky Stables.

Achievements and Chamiponships

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Character/Design by ~WickerWolfArt
Image by Amber N. Bolin

Story is subject to edits and rewrites at any given time. Critiques and input appreciated!

Image (C) Amber N. Bolin
Song Dog Design (C) ~WickerWolfArt
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